Anniversary Interview: Rosine Saad

Our anniversary interview series continues with the talented Rosine Saad!

It’s been quite a year for the award-winning director, writer, and actress – read on to discover what she’s been up to and what’s in store for her in the upcoming months!

How would you describe your artistic journey since our interview last year?

Inside my head, it has been all over the place. Yet, in reality, it was focused, and projects started to take shape and get done.

What have you been up to this year? Is there anything that you’ve achieved that your proudest of?

YES! I am proud of an idea that finally became real. I always wanted to put together an open mic event for multiple form of performance art: spoken words & poetry, dance, improv, acting, storytelling, jamming and singing, etc.  

And Express Yourself was born. We premiered this year and it’s been a growing success month after month. It is starting to buzz among the community and talents are contacting us to have a chance to perform. And this was our goal, a space for artists to express themselves freely and perform their art.
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & TikTok: @Expressyourselfdxb

Our next event is on Tuesday, Oct. 12, starting 7:30pm @Harrie’s Pancakes, Promenade Marina.

What are your predictions for the indie artistic community for the upcoming year?

An indie artistic community is naturally in constant growth. It’s talent growing organically because it is not framed by financial gain. And if we don’t grow, in any form or shape, we die …

So yes, what do I predict for the indie community for the upcoming year: growth, with enough structure to have a good reach and enough chaos to stay true to itself.

What’s your goal for 2022?

More events with Express Yourself and more theatre project!!

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