Anniversary Interview: Amro Jabri

It’s our one year anniversary!

We’ve kicked off a week’s worth of celebrations and now we’re taking things up a notch with a special interview series – or rather ‘re-interview’ series featuring the first batch of people who agreed to let us feature them when Creativity Undefined was still taking its baby steps into the indie community.

Here’s our first re-interview, featuring the exceptional Amro Jabri – the very first person who agreed to be featured on our platform!

Go ahead – click play and find out what this photographer and filmmaker has been up to since we interviewed him on September 8, 2020:

Here’s the interview transcript for the readers out there:

How would you describe your artistic journey since our interview last year?

I have always known that I am a person that works better when under pressure, our first interview was at a time where I started to feel the importance of relaying on my skills to survive intellectually and financially. Seeing what I was able to achieve in a short period of time with all the lack of resources pushed me to work not only harder but smarter to show myself in the first place that I can be an independent creator.   

What have you been up to this year? Is there anything that you’ve achieved that your proudest of?

The past year has been very generous to me, and I am very grateful. After working a couple of freelance jobs for different clients, I luckily landed a long-term project with a big client, but I couldn’t accept at the beginning as one main condition in the contract is for me to be a registered company not a freelancer, that was the day that I decided to invest all I had and start my own business. Now, the residency page on my passport says that I am an “Investor”.     

What are your predictions for the indie artistic community for the upcoming year?

Like an earthquake there is the mainshock and the after aftershock, 2020 was the main one that pushed the limits for people and made them explore in the artists in them. As an aftershock many people used this opportunity to shift careers to ones that are based on their creative talents and skills. This wave is continuing and will keep expanding in 2021 and 2022. We will be seeing and discovering more indie art in all its shapes and forms. 

Last year, you said that your goal for the year was “I can’t see myself anywhere specifically because I don’t want to limit myself but I’m feeling good about things⁠”. What’s happened since then?

I totally forgot that I answered with that, but I totally agree with “Amro 2020”

This attitude kept my options open throughout the year and I believe that this is what made me open to exploring new sides of myself and how much I can expand my knowledge, talent, and skills.

Since last year, I co-started my media company “Peanut Butter Productions”, created and directed a couple of promotional videos for well-known hospitality brands like (Park Hyatt Hotel & Resorts, Rosewood Hotels, Pixel Community), written and directed the promotional campaign for a TV series and nowadays, co-hosting a TV show “ET بالعربي

What’s your goal for 2022?

A repeat of 2020 & 2021, but bigger and better!

Watch out for the next one in our series – coming soon!

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