Creator Spotlight: Boye Henry Durodola

Image Credit: Boye Henry Durodola

Boye Henry Durodola is jazz personified. Underneath that smooth and mellow style is a fiery ambition to keep pushing until he realises his goal to be a Grammy-award winning artist.

Creativity Undefined spoke with Boye about where he draws his inpsiration, how the pandemic’s affected musical artists, and what more could be done to support indies in the UAE.

What inspired you to pick up your first guitar?

I was a writer and a poet before I played guitar, the ability to create melodies and harmonies came easily to me. Unfortunately, since I didn’t play an instrument, I had to scribble them on paper…therefore, when I got a chance to pick up guitar lesson, I was thrilled.

Have you considered exploring other instruments? What? Why?

I do play other instruments: Sax, Trumpet, Bass, Keys…

It’s fun, and it gives me freedom when am recording, in that I am able to lay down my ideas for the band

Looking back, what was your greatest achievement and your greatest challenge? Why?

Starting to grasp the depth of Jazz Music and jazz as a lifestyle

The reality of Jazz changed my perspective…

Is there anything that you would’ve done differently or wished had happened differently? What? Why?

I would have love to have a degree in jazz music, and an opportunity to play at world stage (still working on that)

Your music’s pretty mellow. Has that always been your style, or did it develop over your musical journey?

It slowly developed overtime.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Has that changed since the pandemic hit last year? Why?

I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me and my moods. General environments.

Who would you jump at the chance to collaborate with, if given the chance? Why?

Oh wow! There will be a list…Herbie Hancock, Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu, Roots, Jacob collier, John Mayer, H.E.R and the list goes on

Image Credit: Boye Henry Durodola

The pandemic’s had a lasting impact on everyone. What was the biggest adjustment that you’ve had to do?

Playing music on line and recording myself

Do you think that you’ll maintain any changes once things return to normal? If yes, what and why? If no, why?

I will maintain Recording myself…I get the job done faster and collaborating musicians understand my mindset at a go…

What shifts have you observed from creatives, especially those in the musical field? Will these last beyond the pandemic? Why?

Online platforms and social media engagements, streaming has reduced the hustle for record labels…

What advice would you share with anyone starting out that you wished someone had told you?

It could really get lonely but don’t give up and never stop learning…

How can people support indies, especially those in the UAE, based on your experience?

The UAE is a huge market for indie music, but there is less venue that showcase original materials. Should there be more venues that embraces originality and fresh materials, then indie music will blossom… Also hosting more Jam sessions…

How do you balance your personal life and creative pursuits?

This is very personal, I came up doing a lot per time, one time I was studying to be a vet nurse, playing Basketball for the local team, fighting tae kwan do for the state, Playing music, social director for the student union, a member of the choir in the church….

Juxtaposing that period with the present, I learnt to be capable…

Are you currently working on any project(s)?

I am working on my single “oblivion”

What’s a goal that you hope to achieve, personally and professionally, in the next five years?

Release a couple of successful albums and eyeing the Grammy…

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