The Pandemic renaissance

As human beings, we have varied reactions to adversity. The one thing that remains consistent throughout the ages, however, is that the arts scene experiences a BOOM in creative output.

Look around you – every screen in your house, including your mobile phone, is bursting with content for you to peruse and enjoy.

Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok….if it’s not something by a blockbuster production studio then it’s something lovingly created by an indie artist. Music, poetry, art, stories….even podcasts and so much in between.

This is a double edged sword though – creators can benefit from people’s extended social media scrolling time but at the same time they have to compete in an increasingly crowded digital world.

So they grind harder and we all get to enjoy the results. We shouldn’t forget that this isn’t ‘free’ though. Creators put their hearts and souls – and time and energy and…(you get the point) so it’s only fair to show them love whether it’s through positive support and encouragement on their socials or buying any merch or being a patron (or whatever works for you).

We’re planning to show love in our own little corner of the web through this site and on our Instagram and Twitter.

Whatever happens, we’re grateful to everyone out there making the world a brighter, zanier, richer place.

Never stop.

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